Jkills' guitar playing, song writing, and fashion is heavily influenced by his love of Horror Films.  As a kid he can remember always humming along to theme songs and imitating strange noises he would hear in films.  As a child, Jkills was exposed to the guitar by his Grandpa who played traditional Country Western music.  He remembers his Grandpa trying to put the acoustic guitar in his hand at an early age, but it wasn't until the age of 15 when he heard his younger cousin playing Smoke on The Water by Deep Purple that he decided to pick up the electric guitar.  His Grandpa helped him to buy his first electric guitar, a Gibson SG faded once he saw his initial attraction to the instrument.   In the beginning years, Jkills was heavily influenced by Iconic artists including The Doors, Jimi Hendrix, Van Halen, Led Zeppelin, Ozzy Osbourne, and Horror Rock bands like Wednesday 13, The Misfits, and Black Sabbath.  

As his technical ability progressed on the guitar, Jkills began to peak an interest in instrumental rock and guitar Virtuoso players like John5, Steve Vai, Joe Satriani, and Buckethead.  Jkills is attracted to instrumental rock and the challenge it brings to create catchy, emotional melodies without having vocals or a singer.  He describes it as an art form  "each song is like a unique painting, with the guitar melodies conveying different feelings, colors and emotions with each riff.  It's the only way I know how to share my soul with the world." 

While Jkills prides himself on the ability to adapt to different styles and sit in sessions with different artists and bands, his main focus and passion is composing and performing instrumental rock music with his guitar.  "I love to entertain people, I like to make people feel something when I play my guitar.  There's no greater high than owning a stage and an audience with just my guitar.  And I love the shock factor...I've done some crazy things while performing with my wireless guitar...jumped on top of vans, climbed buildings, I even stopped traffic on Sunset Blvd and Hollywood Blvd.  I don't even think about what I am doing, I just like to tear shit up." 



Performing as a two-piece instrumental rock act, Jkills has had the opportunity to open for many Major Artists including John5, Orgy, George Lynch, LA Guns, Lynch Mob, Mike Anthony (Van Halen), Eddie Trunk, the remaining members of London, and many more.  

In January of 2018, Jkills was fortunate to travel and perform internationally in Mexico on the Country Booze Cruise aboard Carnival Cruise lines and in Ensenada at Papas & Beer with his country Rock band Shotgun Jefferson.  He is also scheduled to play aboard Carnival Cruise Lines for the Galveston Country Cruise to Cozumel Mexico in September of 2018.  Jkills has also been booked to play his first National Tour starting Spring of 2018 hitting 10 states with Country Super Group "Neon Circus" on the Redneck Rave Tour (IG @weareneoncircus).  Expected attendance at the Redneck Rave events are 10,000-13,000.  In the country world, Jkills has been able to open with major acts including Brooke Eden, Jordan Rager, Jessica Lynn, Bow Wow Wow, and Missing Persons.   

Jkills at the Whisky A Go Go

Guitar World Magazine


Jkills was honored to be featured in Guitar World Magazine as a Defender of The Faith for the July 2016 Issue.  



In addition to his first National Tour in 2018 with Neon Circus (@weareneoncircus) and playing aboard Carnival Cruise Lines with Shotgun Jefferson (@shotgunjefferson), Jkills plans to release his second solo instrumental album "The Outing" mid summer of 2018 and beginning touring the album during the fall throughout Southern California, with an emphasis on the Los Angeles rock scene with a 3 piece band and continuing to open for his favorite rock and instrumental artists.